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Lark Herrick

Ms. Lark Herrick has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics with a minor in Mathematics from San Diego State University (SDSU) as well as extensive computer science coursework from SDSU, Miramar and Mesa Colleges.  Ms. Herrick began working in technology upon graduation from SDSU and has extensive experience in software design, development and integration across a variety of platforms and operating systems, as well as systems engineering, systems design, systems analysis, and system integration and testing.  Ms. Herrick also has extensive Information Assurance (IA) training including Security+ certification, completion of the Naval Postgraduate School Navy Certifier Course, CNSSI No. 4012 and NSTISSI No. 4015 certification as well as completion of the PTOT Tiger Training for DIACAP process.  Ms. Herrick has also completed two semesters of Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) training.

After receiving her degree, Ms. Herrick worked in varying capacities in the field of real-time control systems.  She worked as a software developer for elevator control and security systems. She led the development team and was chief software developer of real-time control systems for entertainment features including the water feature at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.  Ms. Herrick transitioned to the field of advanced communications systems principally focusing on the Common Data Link (CDL) related systems and their supporting surface equipment.  She became the project leader for the development of the OL-711/USQ Video Interface Group (VIG) where she designed, developed, and tested the video processing and network distribution application.  Ms. Herrick provided system engineering and software development support for the maintenance of the CDL related applications including the VIG and the Command and Control Processor (CCP).

Ms. Herrick joined Technology Unlimited Group (TUG) in April 2006.  TUG is a company which specializes in the development and acquisition of advanced communications systems for the U.S. Navy including the Navy’s full capability Common Data Link (CDL) surface terminal.  Ms. Herrick is currently serving as Software Development Lead Engineer for the Video Interface Group (VIG) Software Support Activity team in support of the Navy CDL In-Service Engineering Activity (ISEA).  Ms. Herrick chairs the Local Configuration Control Board where she performs impact analysis for system NCRs and submits NCRs as required to document system problems and enhancements. She is also consulting on the maintenance of the Communications Data Link System (CDLS) Command and Control Processor (CCP) application.  Ms. Herrick also led the development of the Alternate Display System (ADS) Version 1.0 (amphibious assault mission planning and execution application) software.


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