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Quality Assurance

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Quality Assurance

Technology Unlimited Group (TUG) believes that the key to every successful project is to (1) establish and maintain clear lines of communication between the customer and TUG’s management, technical personnel, and subcontractors; and (2) perform the required work consistent with or better than industry standards.

Clear communication will provide the customer with all the necessary information they need to keep informed on all aspects of the job throughout the entire life of the project. This process starts early in the project with development of a comprehensive schedule and milestones that is communicated to the customer during initial planning meetings and scheduled follow-up meetings conducted throughout the entire period of performance. This ensures adherence to schedule, provides opportunities to receive customer feedback, and ensures responsiveness to customer needs.

The establishment of clear lines of communication requires regular meetings. TUG will recommend to all its customers that they hold meetings or teleconferences to address the following milestones (at a minimum):

  • Kickoff / Initial Planning Meeting
  • Requirements Review
  • Design Reviews (DRs)
  • Technical Interchange Meetings (TIMs)
  • Test Planning and Test Readiness Reviews
  • Configuration Control Board meetings

TUG establishes the applicable standards at the commencement of each project. For team projects (which are typically large), the standards, practices, and procedures are generally set by an outside organization. For projects performed exclusively by TUG, the project manager will tailor industry and/or government standards, practices and procedures to the requirements of the project and the team performing it.

Internal Quality Assurance and Review

TUG has established a Quality Assurance (QA) function within its organization which reports directly to the Director of Operations. This provides the QA function a separate line of reporting from the Project manager. The QA function is to provide an independent review function to ensure TUG quality standards are met. TUG’s quality standards are developed from industry standards and guidelines which are tailored as needed to meet project specific circumstances.

The TUG QA function is principally focused on ensuring the quality of contractual deliverables. The TUG QA function will be expanded to include process reviews for large projects.

TUG QA will conduct periodic reviews of its activities and findings with customer QA personnel as appropriate and/or directed.

Software Development

TUG requires the development of a tailored Software Development Plan (SDP) for all software projects. The format of the SDP can be tailored to conform to project requirements, but will contain (at a minimum) a description of the following items:

  • Project Resource Requirements
  • Software Development Organization
  • Software Quality Evaluation
  • Confirmation Management
  • Risk Management including identification of anticipated risks
  • Software Development Procedures and Practices including
    • Software Development Files
    • Peer Reviews
    • Definition of Program Libraries

The project SDP is subject to both customer and QA review prior to approval by TUG management.

Testing, Verification, and Certification

During the conduct of DRs and TIMs, TUG personnel will address test, verification, and certification related issues with the customer to ensure that acceptable plans are in place. A key element of the testing process is to ensure that adequate time and resources are allocated to the test, verification, and certification process. TUG personnel will ensure that the following activities occur (where applicable):

  • Develop and obtain approval of a Test Plan
  • Develop and obtain approval for Test Procedures
  • Test Coordination and Planning Meetings
  • (Local) Configuration Control Boards to review and adjudicate test findings and results

A key part of the test, verification, and certification process is to ensure that the necessary test and certification requirements are reflected in the System/Project requirements documents and plans. TUG personnel have extensive experience in this area, which allows us to help our customer’s ensure that all necessary test, verification, and certification elements will be included.

Contract Deliverables

QA will review all contract deliverables produced by TUG staff and its subcontractors prior to delivery to the customer. This review will ensure that TUG meets all of its contractual deliverable requirements.

In some cases, the technical sophistication of the item being delivered will exceed the capacity of the QA department to assess on a technical basis. In this circumstance, the TUG project manager will work with the customer to develop alternate review mechanisms to ensure that the deliverable is reviewed prior to final delivery.


Our SeaPort-e Program Management Team will ensure that TUG’s subcontractors deliver the same level of quality as our own employees. We will flow down of quality-related requirements in our subcontracts, and perform subcontractor oversight to ensure that all products and services provided meet the same quality standards.

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