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our Services & experience

Technology Unlimited Group (TUG) is dedicated to providing our customers with high quality, cost effective system and software engineering services on schedule and within budget. TUG’s technical team combines years of experience in the following areas:

Common Data Link (CDL) System Engineering

Technology Unlimited Group has extensive experience in the specification, development, and testing of Common Data Link terminals for the U.S. Navy. TUG has assisted customers with:

  • Procurement & Specification of CDL Systems
  • Development of CDL terminals to meet specific platform requirements
  • Alteration of CDL systems
  • Enhancement of CDL System utility through post-processing
  • Control and Operation of CDL Systems
  • Independent Verification and Validation

Horizon Extension Surface Terminals Development

Technology Unlimited Group has designed and developed a number of surface terminals to exploit the ISR data collected by airborne sensors. The surface terminals have addressed both video and SIGINT exploitation capabilities. TUG’s specialized knowledge of SIGINT/IO surface terminals includes both legacy and new horizon extension applications.

Signals Intelligence System Engineering

Technology Unlimited Group has conducted analysis and engineering to create the system design for the replacement of existing obsolete SIGINT/IO systems for the U.S. Navy.

Software Development

Technology Unlimited Group has extensive experience in requirements specification, development, and testing of software for real-time, embedded, and C4ISR applications using state-of-the-art tools and processes. We can assist customers with:

  • Software requirements development and traceability including the development of software requirements databases with automated tools such as DOORS.
  • Software development and test
  • Software Validation
  • Software test planning and procedure development

System Engineering & Software Process Improvement

Technology Unlimited Group has extensive experience in development and utilization of software and system engineering processes to improve productivity and conform to CMM/CMMI guidelines. We can assist customers with:

  • Development of methods and procedures for required processes including requirements tracking, configuration management
  • Preparation for and/or conducting software process audits
  • Tailoring of documentation requirements to meet both project and process requirements
  • Software processes development and improvement

Certification and Accreditation (C&A) / Information Assurance (IA)

As an engineering services company, Technology Unlimited Group provides precise, accurate, and thorough system evaluation to ensure proper Information Assurance (IA) for DoD systems. We have created and reviewed complete C&A packages for system Approval To Operate (ATO) certification and ensured DoD IA compliance. System security and IA services include:

  • Development of IA recommendations and requirements
  • Development of SSAA package including Test Procedures and all other supporting documentation
  • Conduct Interim Approval To Operate (IATO) and ATO testing
  • Remediation of system software to meet IA requirements
  • Risk Assessment reports
  • Experience supporting certification of Secret and SCI systems

Video Display & Distribution System Engineering

Technology Unlimited Group has provided engineering and management for our U.S. Navy customer. TUG created a video processing solution to meet our customer’s unique needs by conducting systems planning, analysis, design, networking architecture, and documentation.


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